Procedures for export/import and marine transport (including dangerous and hazardous goods), and regular services (LCL cargo) to South Korea.


High Pressure GasGas

Import and export of high-pressure gas


Please leave the import and export of high pressure gas.

The procedures and flow for importing high-pressure gas differ depending on the port under jurisdiction, so Kato Unyu has a proven track record.
This page introduces high-pressure gas imports at Kobe Port. Inquiries are also possible at ports other than Kobe Port, such as Yokohama and Tokyo.

Flow of import procedures at Kobe Port

  • STEP1

    Unloading high-pressure gas cargo

    Landed at the ship arrival terminal

    Unloading high-pressure gas cargo
  • STEP2
    Inspection applicatino

    Imported high-pressure gas inspection application

    Apply at least 7 days before the date you want to undergo import inspection
    Application is required for toxic and flammable gases as soon as possible.
    Necessary documents (see below)

  • STEP3

    Inspection of imported gas

    Confirm container number / container number / container standard

    輸入ガスの検査 輸入ガスの検査
  • STEP4
    Inspection pass

    Issuance / issuance of import inspection certificate

    After passing the inspection, receipt of the import inspection certificate on the inspection day

  • STEP5
    Customs clearance

    Import customs clearance

    Submit import inspection certificate to customs
    Import customs clearance on the day of inspection

  • STEP6

    Unloading / moving from the port

    Unloading and moving to a designated storage or storage location

    Unloading / moving from the port

Necessary items for the procedure

Necessary items for the procedure
  • Import Inspection Application Form
  • Import Inspection Notification Form
  • Filling Report, Analysis Report
  • Container Certificate, Container Test Report or a rubbed copy of engraved mark of the container
  • B/L, Invoice & Packing List

Import inspection fee

10,000kg (1,000㎥)or more 27,000yen
Less than 10,000kg (1,000 ㎥)More than 3,000kg (300㎥) 21,000yen
Less than 3,000kg ( 300㎥) 13,000yen

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