Procedures for export/import and marine transport (including dangerous and hazardous goods), and regular services (LCL cargo) to South Korea.


Storage,Delivery and Packingstorage,delivering and packing in relation to international marine transport

Storage,Delivery and Packing


To allow for smooth and speedy customs clearance, we make use of a bonded area, where cargo can be stored without incurring duty tax. Cargo can be stored here without the need to worry about tariffs or other taxes, and we can also process or exhibit items. These are just a few of the ways we make importing and exporting easier for you!

In order to make efficient use of this bonded area, Kato Transport has its own bonded warehouse, complete with the equipment and means needed for loading and unloading, arranging, and delivering of cargo. These strengths allow us to clear customs and handle goods in a timely manner.

Kinds of Bonded District

  • Limited Bonded Area
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Bonded Factory
  • Bonded Exhibition Area
  • General Bonded Area

Vanning (Stuffing) for FCL--Dai-ni Tottei Warehouse

Vanning (Stuffing) cargo on both FCL and LCL are handled at the bounded warehouse.

  • Vanning consolidated cargo

    Vanning consolidated cargo

  • Vanning consolidated cargo

    Vanning consolidated cargo

  • Vanning consolidated cargo

    Vanning consolidated cargo



We can deliver any cargo any time throughout Japan.

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We promise to pack and handle every shipment with care.
We can meet customers’ requirements using the packing shown below as well as numerous others.

  • Pallet packing

    Pallet packing

  • Skeleton packing

    Skeleton packing

  • Sealed wooden box

    Sealed wooden box

  • Barrier packing

    Barrier packing

  • Bundle packing

    Bundle packing

  • Drum packing

    Drum packing

  • Shrink-wrap packing

    Shrink-wrap packing

  • Stretch-wrap packing

    Stretch-wrap packing

  • Skid packing

    Skid packing

  • Steel packing

    Steel packing

  • Flexible bag

    Flexible bag

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