Procedures for export/import and marine transport (including dangerous and hazardous goods), and regular services (LCL cargo) to South Korea.


Servise PolicyWe hope you will be satisfied with our service!

Servise Policy

We guarantee optimal, safe, trustworthy cargo handling.

All kinds of cargo pass through Japanese ports. Our knowledgeable employees are equipped to handle any kind of cargo smoothly.
We comply with all rules and regulations related to customs clearance when handling cargo.

  • Our marketing staff can propose logistic optimization solutions.
  • Our clearance staff can handle customs procedures in a timely manner.
  • Our warehouse staff can handle cargo with the utmost care.
  • Kato Transport aims to be No. 1 in customer satisfaction!

We hope you will be satisfied with our service!

Toward Green Logistics Solutions

As an associate member of the NPO escot, we can make proposals for improved logistics efficiency and diversification.

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